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Rob, UK:
I have been struggling to implement a five star rating for user profiles within my Joomla Website using the easy-profile plug in.  I purchased the star rating code which works perfectly.
I had some trouble implementing the code myself but Adrian was fantastic, he responded to my emails extremely promptly and was extremely helpful. 
Thank you Adrian.
I recommend this plugin 100%.

David, France:
I purchased TNT Comments Script to add a comments page to a website. This is an excellent utility - it does what it says on the tin. My server caused some small problem with installation but I had top class support from Adrian at TNT Comments. I have no problems recommending this, especially for non-techy people like myself.

Devis, phonebattle.net:
About php poll with images... just bought this wonderful product, which has a very convenient cost for all. But what is important and to be evaluated, is the availability of the owner of this site (Adrian). Adrian has helped us with the perfect way, ready at any moment and time. I can't find words to thank him, but I suggest you all, these wonderful products.
Thank you very much.

Renate (renate-designs.us):
Rating system with JavaScript is the best and so easy. I just bought it and got it up and running in a few seconds here. 2 hours ago I have tried about 3 star rating script and threw them in and out at my server! I Highly recommend this script and Thank You! Renate.

Jeff (OH Patriot) patriotsnetwork.com:
Your programs are truly solid,how many time have I purchased scripts that didn't work...I just set up your Comments and JS Star Ratings on my site with no problems,well no problems for me, after you helped me do a little coding that I should probably already know.
Thanks So Much.

Becky - Creative Director and Owner (The Alpha Omega Agency):
As a newbie to the world of web design, I am constantly looking for resources that can help me learn while adding functionality to the services I offer my clients. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to AdrianTNT.com for helping me on my journey.
I purchased the entire package - specifically for the comments and star voting components and have implement both with ease (and some very speedy feedback from Adrian since I am "code-illiterate" :)
I am working on a site that is currently under development with plans to go live by October 1. This is the first site I have implemented the two components I purchased from AdrianTNT.com.

T. Browne:
I'd like to comment on the excellent Rating System which I purchased recently. I had searched the Web for a rating system for my website and found this one to be the best by far. The ease of use is excellent and the functionality of the product is superb.

Sarah, child-1st.com:
AdrianTNT.com not only has great products, he has the best service of any site I've come across in a long time (of course except for ours ;) Buy with confidence.

Universal Drafting Solutions, universaldrafting.net:
I recently "built" my company's website and I am not a designer by any means. However if it weren't for adrianTNT.com I would still be design my overall layout. I downloaded the free site template and from there was able to get a much clearer understanding of HTML, CSS and last but not least, PHP. If not for adrianTNT's template I would still be muttering around in a see of elements, tags, links and whatnot. The only reason I have not yet purchased any of, very functional and flawless tools, is because I am on the super-cheap currently but look forward to adrianTNT.com site design support.

C. Irwin:
As someone fairly new to web design and development, I greatly appreciated the support that I got from adrianTNT.com. After purchasing the Flat Menu XML, the excellent instruction that I was given was timely and very personalized. To be honest, I can't recall getting better attention even when dealing with someone face-to-face, let alone over the Web!
Thanks, adrianTNT.com. On my first use of your tools, you've quickly risen to the top of my list for web design and development providers!

John Nicholson, nomagicneon.com:
I got Adrian's comment script. It is just what I wanted. Adrian was a big help with some of the snags I encountered.

James Riot, olddyingkitty.com:
I got the comment script, and had some trouble getting it to work on my website. Any other place would have just said, "Welp, sucks to be you. Must be user error.", but not Adrian. He stands by his product! Adrian wouldn't rest until he had gotten the script running right on my website. Totally professional and courteous! I'm already wondering what else I can buy from this site!

Grace S:
Good product & good service.
I bought a Comment Script from Adrian, it works really well. I need to make a few adjustment relating to the way my pages are handled, and Adrian has been so helpful in resolving the issue.

This is a wonderful comments script. I got it configured and setup on my site. Only a couple of snags that were my fault because I didn't read the directions. This is the best 25$ script I ever got. Thanks again, Ernie

Mia Wadsworth:
I have both your gallery and comments script and I love the feedback I am getting from visitors about them both.  They are easy to use clean and fit nicely in my page styles.  I have made extra sales due to having the image gallery on the page and the comments really lift my credibility on my pages!  Love your scripts Adrian – pay for themselves too thanks!

Dave J. Castle:
I am a very satisfied customer of the products that are available here. The owner, Adrian is very helpful. If you see a program you want to use on your site I recommend you give it a try!

Carl (DesignOasis Australia):
AdrianTNT XML/SWF menus make my clients websites work seamlessly.
Have just download your new Drop-Down menu; already have new project on the drawing board that these will be perfect for.
So easy to update and manage, I recently completed a website and without your technical offerings it wouldn't be the same; showcase, main stage and other brand sections of the site basically run your menus.
Thanks heaps mate - Regards Carl.

Chris C. (Co-Owner/Creative Director The Visual Loft):
Just wanted to let you know that your photo gallery rocks! This was my third
attempt to incorporate a purchased flash photo gallery into my website, and
the previous two attempts were absolute nightmares. Your gallery was
incredibly user-friendly, and it was very easy for me to customize it to fit
perfectly into my website...so Thank You for your good work!

Jeremy M:
Adrian got back to me very quickly with my queries of changing a couple of small elements in the photo gallery. This allowed me to tailor the gallery to my needs, very helpful. The elements were easy to put into my page as well, it was very straight forward for someone who knows not very much about coding etc as I do. Thanks.

Enaya G:
Adrian is another really great online experience for me. He's quick and
honest. I needed a refund (long story) and he made it in minutes. I love his
products and purchased the $99 adrianTNT.com kit (which is all of his scripts
in one package). Thanks!

Rupert W:
I cant say enough about how impressed I am with the comments script and the help Adrian gave me to get it working. The script itself is really neat, perfect for my site and easy to install if you know what youre doing. I didnt (I'm a complete newbie to programming and php) but Adrian was very patient and helpful and e-mailed me with clear instructions more than 10 times. The whole experience has restored my faith in humanity!!!

Jim P:
I bought the comments script and it's working great. The price is to low. Worth at least $50.00 or more. Even my tech said it was worth more.

Max, dacrazyfish.com
5 Star Rating System is the best! It's FAST and reliable!
We've set it up in 15 minutes, linked to our contest database and that's it. Our website improved "page average time" 5-7 times and it's great for interactivity with our visitors
THANK YOU guys for the script! will definitely come back for more.

TOF (Flash Developer):
Let me also say that you've been an inspiration for me to start selling my own components.
Your store is so clean, neat, and easy to use, and your products are great!
I tremendously respect what you've accomplished in the world of Flash :)

Martin S:
I bought Pixel Menu XML for my website, it is one of the easiest and best menus I've used so far. Keep up good work

The Photo Gallery rocks! I have a client that wanted a autoplay, next and previous button, plus have pictures dissolve and the fla and xml that you provided was just the ticket I needed to get this project completed. It was easy to change and even easier to load.
Thanks for the gallery.

Daron D. Sneed, daronsneed.com:
Thank you for the incredible value you add to my projects with your enhancements.
I am able to deliver a very robust product by using them. Please keep me informed of anything new you come out with, I always find a way to use your products!
Thank you Adrian.

John W, Vectronic's Apple World:
We have been considering buying a new template for our site because the navigation on our old template just wasn't up to the task anymore. We purchased your Micro Menu XML, dropped it over our old navigation buttons, and now we have a whole new site. The Micro Menu XML solved every one of our navigation issues. It will save us from having to rebuild the entire site. Great job! Thanks!

Will Spencer, webmaster of tech-faq.com:
I installed and tested four other comment scripts before trying adrianTNT’s Comments Script. None of the other scripts installed as easily or integrated as cleanly as adrianTNT’s script.
In addition, adrianTNT’s Comments Script uses server-side PHP, which is the best solution for search engine optimization. The other scripts I tested stored the comments on separate pages or displayed them with JavaScript, which made them useless for driving search engine traffic.

Tung Chau:
I just installed Comment Script and after a few run around (because I didn't read carefully) I got it up and running with the personal help of Adrian. Great support, better yet, awesome script! Thanks a million Adrian. Hope you make a million!

Yannick (Vegas Traveling):
The Pixel Menu XML is the best I've ever seen. It is so easy to install, it looks professional and it's adaptable to any website. I highly recommend this product. If this one blown me away, I can't imagine the rest!

We ordered the TNT Comments Script, this program is awesome and it's exactly what i am looking for. Adrian is the best and if you are having any problems he will assist you. Thank you Adrian for your help! And Great Program!

Eric, (RatingSystem user):
GREAT RATING SCRIPT! GREAT SUPPORT! At first glance you don't see PayPal being used but they use it so no worries there. If time = money then this script is worth the money it really is a no hassle script. Thanks Guys!

Jenni Baty, Yourguide4health.com Australia:
I purchased the Comments Script after much searching on the net for a script that would allow my users to add to the articles I was posting. Another script I was looking at, that did similar was $67, so of cause I am over-the-moon about the prices at AdrianTNT.
The script was easy to install, even for a newbie like me, and when I needed to modify it to suit my web design Adrian went beyond the call of duty to help.
I will definitely be looking here first for any future scripts I need.
Well done AdrianTNT this is what the internet should be about.

I was looking for a good flash menu and rating system and found adriantnt.com!
Great products and support! Highly recommended!

karl Smith, deletespyware-adware.com:
I am impressed with the low price of your products. They provide solutions and improve web site efficiency by 70-100%. I drop in here very often to search for new products I can use since I manage multiple web sites. I used to hire programmers to create such scripts, which was 200 times more expensive and I have them here instantly.

Wow what could I say about adrianTNT, The best I could say and make a testimonial that I love the rating system and hopefully do see more stuff coming soon. I'm very interested in this testimonial script and wander if he'll ever share this! Well I say you (ROCK) & keep up the good work and very awesome scripts.

Alok Sharma, Ruchie network sites - ruchie.com:
I was looking every where for a tab menu which exactly matched my requirements but no good. Finally I came across this site and found the product of my interest i.e. Tab Menu. This is what I was exactly looking for. Besides the pricing was so reasonable as compared to the quality & performance of the product that I immediately purchased it. What more I need, the menu links are stored in a XML file and I can edit the file with any text editor and here we go. Besides the links in the menu are SEO friendly. Now I don't have to edit the entire web page to add, edit or delete menu links. Very soon I will use it across all my network sites; I highly recommend this product. I would rate 5 Stars to this product.

Karl Smith, deletespyware-adware.com:
Using adrianTNT products I was able to create a web site that I like... my requirements were all met and best of all I am very happy with the results.

Liam Caulfield, logoshed.net:
I use the rating system at logoshed.net.
I love the simplicity of the rating system.

Ron McKeirnan:
I was asked to makeover a church agency web site which needed much better navigation to attract people to explore more of what was on offer ... so I needed a menu system that clearly shows where one is onsite and what else is available. Pixel Menu has done the job perfectly. I have had a couple of queries about use along the way, and Adrian has provided prompt solutions. Great product, excellent service! Thanks.

Benoit Laflamme, Quebec, Canada:
5 Star Rating System was the component we need for one of our client web site. We find it very simple and customizable. We needed to translate all the messages to French. We had a great support from Adrian to doing this.

Chris Moore, web Developer. Orlando Florida:
Adrian is a great developer, and I cannot wait to see more works come out of TNT. I received my product quickly, and was more than satisfied with my purchase.

Andy Walton, Poole UK:
I was looking for an easy to use menu that integrated with Dreamweaver 8, I have tried several and found the adrianTNT.com CX Nav Bar to be the best menu for the job, and the easiest to configure. Excellent communication and support when it was needed.

Will Masters, willmasters.com:
I was looking for a fast way to do something that would have been very difficult if not impossible in CSS. As luck would have it I stumbled upon Adrian's menu systems, powerful Actionscript with flexible customization options using XML. Great value for money, and fast and friendly support from the man himself.
Highly recommended!!

H.Clarke Graphic Design:
I purchased one of Adrian's menus for its originality and smooth effects. The support I received from Adrian was as phenomenal as the product. Thank you Adrian!

Mac. IS Engineer. Royal Signals:
I had a requirement for a Flash Button to be made for a Application. FSCommand, and text variable. AdrianTNT, made it to specs in next to no time at all,
I also have Micro Menu which I use quite often in Applications do to its excellent versility and having an XML back end with I can change in VB
Many Thanks AdrianTNT.

T.S TDH Web Designs. TdhWebDesigns.com:
I bought the all products package .
The menus are so simple to use, I have not even had to contact there support team.
The ease of changing colors, fonts, size even beginners should not have any problems with.
Thanks Adrian.

Fine Line Web Design, LLC. FineLineWebDesign.com:
When designing web sites I feel confident I can give the customers want they want when I have Adrian's web site buttons in my arsenal. They are easy to use, very cool and Adrian is helpful in support if questions arise.

Jordan Humphreys. Founder/Owner JuiceWire.Net Image Hosting:
Our site was looking for an easy to integrate, yet powerful, rating system for our Photo hosting service. When we happened upon AdrianTNT's light, compact, and user friendly rating system we knew it was what we were looking for. The system was easy to integrate and modify to suit our needs. It is a wonderful product that I would recommend to anyone.

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