Micro Menu XML

Samples of the flash menu (more colors configurations), rollover the buttons to see how it works:

This content requires macromedia flash player

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Total size to be loaded for a menu is less than 14.5 KB including XML configuration file.

Micro Menu is a menu made in flash but it does not require flash for customization; you can use almost any HTML editor to insert the menu in a web page and customize it. It is a simple flash file (swf file), the menu can be customized by editing a configuration file (the XML file) that will be placed in the same directory with the menu, so you can customize the menu using any text editor.

In addition to opening URL (default action) it can also trigger flash specific actions like: loadMovie, gotoAndStop, gotoAndPlay, getURL.

Here is what you can customize in the configuration file:

- the buttons text
- the buttons URL to open
- the target frame of the URL to open (same window, new window...)
- menu color
- sub buttons color
- sub buttons transparency
- main buttons text color
- sub buttons text color
- alpha value (transparency) of the rollover light effect
- menu bar width
- search box on/off
- search box URL, variable name, search box width
- rollout delay (time to wait after mouse is outside the menu until submenus hide)

Here is how the configuration file looks like, all you will have to do is change the text lines that you see next as marked:

xml menu details

It is very simple to customize, just edit the text marked in the picture, insert the swf file in your page and you are done. In this new version you may add or remove XML tags to create as many buttons as you need.

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