Product images viewer

This product allows you to display images on your site, it is perfect for displaying product images like in these samples, images are displayed with flash with preloaders and fade effects.

To change images and titles, options, etc, you don't have to edit the flash source, you just open the file image_viewer.xml with a simple text editor and edit the lines like in a html page.
This configuration file contains lines that represent images to be loaded, links to open, colors, transparencies, etc.

This content requires macromedia flash player

It can be set so that clicking the large image will open an URL (like product page) but you can also set advanced actions like triggering functions inside a flash file, load another movie, go to another frame, etc.

The product displayed can be inserted in your html page like a normal flash file, drag and drop it if you are using Adobe Dreamweaver, or just copy/paste the provided html code form product_viewer.html. If you need help with it just contact us.

Download Product Viewer