Php poll with images

Poll systems are a good way to collect valuable information from your web site visitors, for example you could ask your visitors to chose between different site layout versions when you want to redesign your site, or ask them about payment options they prefer; you can find information that is impossible to get by other means.

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Like most our components and scripts, this php poll script is also very easy to use; You have to upload the folder "php_poll_with_images" on your site; Then to display a poll in any of your pages simply paste this javascript in your html page:

<script type="text/javascript">
poll_id = "favorite car";
poll_width = "500";
poll_height = "215";
poll_question = "What is your favorite car?";
poll_titles = "WRX STI,Lancer EVO,Honda S2000,Other";
poll_images = "wrx_sti.jpg,evo_x.jpg,s2000.jpg,other.jpg";
<script type="text/javascript" src="/php-poll-with-images/poll.js"></script>

- You can place multiple polls on same html page if you like.
- Same poll can be displayed in any page of your site.
- When voting, the php poll sends data without refreshing your complete html page.
- Your server should have PHP support, this should not be a problem with most servers.
- No database required.
- Poll can appear in pages with any extension (.html, .php, .asp, etc).
- Style, colors, fonts can be changed easy by CSS file style.css.
- New: you can set a time interval so the same user can vote again after a while.

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