Flash Photo Gallery

An easy way to nicely display photos on your site, this flash photo gallery can be used to show jpg, gif, swf or png files.
The gallery can work as standalone application. You can add/remove photos without using the flash program, the configuration file can be edited with a simple text editor.

Preview of the XML Flash Photo Gallery:

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Features of this flash gallery:

- Move mouse left/right over the thumbs to scroll thumbs left/right.
- Slideshow with play/pause, you can click play and images will change automatically.
- Each big image can open an url on Click if an url was defined in the XML file.
- Gallery can open jpg, swf, gif, png images.
- Time to show each image, this can be set in XML file.
- Auto start slideshow can be enabled/disabled.
- Auto load first image when gallery loads. This is a separate feature than the slideshow.
- Previous/Next image buttons, the buttons can be hidden if you like.
- Line indicator under the buttons, this shows when slideshow will move on to next image.
- Preloader is displayed while a big image loads.
- Fade In / Fade Out effects for thumbnails and big images. You can change effect length or disable fading.
- Max height of thumbnails, (in the above sample this is "60"), if a thumb is bigger then it is resized to fit and align correctly.
- Gallery max width and max height, if image is bigger then images are resized to fit correctly.
- Scroll speed, you can set the speed for moving image left/right.
- Thumbs space, sets the space between the thumbnails.
- Thumbs border, sets the size of the white thumbnail border. (can also be disabled).
- Image border, sets the size of the white image border. (can also be disabled).
- Enable/Disable the image number in image title ("Image 2 of 10 ... ").
- Fla source file is included (like always).
- New: The gallery now includes a script (resize.php) that can resize the images 'on the fly', for example if you have a big image landscape.jpg 1024px wide you can have generate a smaller 600px version by accessing an url like:
This script is optional, images are also resized inside the gallery if they are bigger than your limits. The optional script (resizer.php) only works with jpg files.

Note for developers who want to edit the source file:

The source file is compatible with Flash MX 2004*, Flash 8, Flash CS and later versions.
* The MX 2004 version is a separate file, because MX 2004 doesn't support the tween class, this file will not have the fade effect in it, the rest works the same.

How to use the flash photo gallery:

The files you need are gallery.swf and gallery.xml, insert the swf file in your web page, if you do not know how then you can copy/paste the html code form the html file that comes with the gallery. Now you have the swf in your page, place the gallery.xml file in same directory as the swf file, open gallery.xml with notepad, Dreamweaver or a plain text editor, you can add/remove images just by copy/pasting XML lines, an XML line looks like this:
<img small="images/juice_small.jpg" big="images/juice.jpg" title="Juice" />

Optionally you can have a parameter "link" and "target", when these are defined then clicking the big image will open an URL in the given target frame:
link="http://www.google.com" target="_blank"

To change other settings, edit the beginning of the XML file, it looks like this:
<option show_image_number="true" show_buttons="true"/>

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