Flash Ads Loader

The ads loader needs macromedia flash player

A great way to easily display your products, services or other images, you can add/remove as many JPG or SWF images as you want by editing a configuration file with a simple text editor. Users will see a button for each image, buttons will blink while an image is loading.

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You can also enable/disable the slide show, site visitors can also disable the slide show by pressing the pause/play button.

On top of the button there is an ad-display-time indicator, it will show the time left before moving forward to next ad, ad-display-time indicator can be disabled, color can also be changed.

Image format can be JPG or SWF, you can also load gif or png if you open the fla file and publish it for flash 8. Now it only requires flash player 7.
Images can also be animated swf files if you like.

You receive the source file, but the ads loader can also work as standalone application, you do not need the flash program to set the images to be loaded and other options, the settings can be changed by editing the configuration file with a text editor.

Each ad/image can open a given url on click, the url would be the page that is showing more details about the product or service in the image. The url is optional, if none is set then nothing happens when image is clicked.


- Users need flash player 7 to see the ads, it is installed on over 98% of online computers.
- Text editor is needed to add/remove images and set the options.
- The images that show your products or items you are trying to promote.
- If you also want to edit the source file then you need Flash MX 2004 or later, but editing the source file is not required unless you want to do some advanced modifications.

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The configuration file looks like this:

<ad image="product1.jpg" link=
"/products/targa_menu/" display_seconds="4" />
<ad image=
"product2.jpg" link="/products/micro_menu/" display_seconds="8" />

"4" autoplay="true" fade_seconds="1" show_pause_button="true"/>
"40" buttons_rollover_alpha="80" buttons_space="0" buttons_margin="5"/>
"true" time_bar_alpha="100" time_bar_color="CCFF00" random_start="false"/>

Other available options

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