Using special characters in flash

If you are trying to use an XML menu with special characters from other languages, the special characters might not appear in the menu or appear incorrectly (like a small box for example), or font might not show up at all.

Solution: You need to embed the special characters in the text field inside the flash file.

Open the fla source file with macromedia flash, locate the text fields (usually 2 in our flash menus) click "window > library" to open the flash library and locate the clips containing text, browse to the clips with text fields in it, right click that clip, select "edit", now click on the text field and in text properties click "character" button, a new window will open, you will see "include font outlines for: Chinese, latin, japanese, etc" you may select a character set from there if you know exactly the one you want (Chinese, japanese, latin, arabic, etc) or you can type your special characters in the additional box, now click "ok".
Generate a new swf file by "file > publish".

Make sure that the characters (Chinese, Japanese, etc) are installed on your computer before trying to embed them in the flash files; otherwise most probably it will not work.

If you used an XML menu now you can type the characters in the text inside the XML file and special characters will appear in the menu. Remember to save the XML file as UTF-8 encoding.