Changing font in a flash menu

Here are the steps required in order to change the font name, font type or font size in a flash menu from

Open the fla file with macromedia flash, file is usually called "menu.fla", open the library (window > library) or click F11 in windows, navigate through the library items and locate the button clip, this clip is usually called "btn", "button", "main_button" or "sub_button", it is the one that shows a text field in the preview, right click this clip, select "edit" then when clip opens click on the text field once to you select it, now chose other font properties in font properties panel lower on page; there you can change font name, font size, alias text on or off (for MX 2004 and later).
After you made the changes save the fla file and regenerate a new swf file by "file > publish".

Special instructions for "Pixel Menu" only:

Pixel Menu is a menu made only by code and it has one single item in the library (no buttons) it only has a font symbol there, here is how to change font settings for Pixel Menu XML:

Open menu.fla, open the library (window > library), you will see one single item in the library (a font symbol), right click that font symbol, select "properties" change "font" and "size" as needed, click "ok".
Now select the first keyframe where all the actions are written for this menu, open the actions panel and locate this line:
myformat.size = 8; change the number to same new size that you set in the library, this line is located in 2 locations in that code. Save the file, regenerate the swf file by "file > publish".