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Posted 26 days ago
This is a good script
Posted 54 days ago
Testing does it work ?
Posted 222 days ago
You are welcome Contemplator
Posted 222 days ago
Thanks for quick response

It's working fine now

I purchased this along time ago and still I love it ...the fresh look and the simplicty of the script is king ... I highly recommend it to anyone ...

Thanks again
Posted 223 days ago
Hello Contemplator. I understand you got it working ? If not, let me know, a message on the contact page might be faster.
Posted 223 days ago
I solved it

i changed

function Database($filename){


function __construct($filename){

long may i continue using it
Posted 223 days ago
hi adrian glad your still here
what does this mean please

"Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; Database has a deprecated constructor in .....line 60"

am i meant to change something

thanks kind regards i bought it years back and i still love this script

is there an updated version